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Yogi Purely Peppermint Tea

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Purely Peppermint Tea is the perfect way to lift your spirits and quiet your stomach, with a fresh flavour and aroma you'll want to enjoy every day.

The use of this refreshing leaf has been handed down from the ancient Greeks and Romans, who soothed their digestion after feast days with a sprig of mint. 

Yogi Purely Peppermint Tea is made only with the finest organic Peppermint leaves to create a deliciously vibrant brew. Like chewing a fresh sprig, a fragrant cup of our peppermint tea can help ease minor stomach discomfort and tame occasional heartburn.

Enjoy a warm, relaxing cup of Purely Peppermint for a refreshing after-meal delight!

Tea Ingredients

Organic Peppermint Leaf

Tea Features

Yogi Purely Peppermint Tea:

  • Certified organic
  • Caffeine free
  • Gluten free
  • GM free

Tea Benefits

This Peppermint Tea can improve digestion. It may help improve breath as well. This tea can also relieve mental stress and result in weight loss.


Tea Brewing Instructions

Pour 300 ml of freshly boiled water over the teabag. Allow to infuse for 7 minutes - or longer for a stronger flavour. Take a sip before adding your favourite sweetener or creamer and let the flavours you taste inspire the perfect proportions. Add fresh hot water to enjoy subsequent brews.

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