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Tea Tonic Cold Brew Tea Bottle 750ml

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The clever silicone head of this wine bottle filters and strains your tea as you pour, giving you iced tea that is worthy of presentation straight from your fridge door.

Cold water is the best way to brew iced tea, as no bitter tannins are released from the tea plant – leaving only a clean pure crisp infusion of tea.

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Different colors available.


  • 100% Food grade silicone.

Key Benefits

  • This bottle comes in a protective cylindrical tube to make a perfect gift.

Brewing Instructions 

  1. Please two heaped teaspoons of your favourite Tea Tonic Loose Leaf Tea into the glass bottle
  2. Fill the glass bottle with tap or cold water up to the top measurement marking on the bottle
  3. Check the filter is secure in the removable bottle spout, then press the bottle spout firmly on the top of the glass to seal
  4. Let the tea brew on your desk or in the refrigerator for a minimum 40 minutes (it can be left in the refrigerator overnight for a nice strong brew)
  5. Pour the tea into a glass and enjoy!


  • 100% Food grade silicone.

Tea Tonic Cold Brew Tea Bottle 750ml on sale!

From humble beginnings, Tea Tonic has grown to become one of the premium suppliers of first-grade organic tea in Australia. Today, Tea Tonic has over 30 blends, plus a loyal legion of fans who love the flavours and feel-good benefits. From promoting better sleep, to boosting immunity, or simply making people smile, Tea Tonic is helping thousands of Aussies feel better every day.

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