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Clipper Organic Decaf Tea Is Back! - Order Now While Stocks Last >>
Clipper Organic Decaf Tea Is Back! - Order Now While Stocks Last >>

Red Seal Raspberry Tea - 25 Tea Bags

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Raspberry Tea is a time honoured tea for women, particularly during pregnancy. Raspberry Leaf has been traditionally used for centuries during pregnancy. If taken regularly it tones and strengthens the uterus in preparation for delivery. Red Seal Raspberry Tea also eases menstrual cramping pains. It is also a digestive tonic due to its astringent nature.

Tea Ingredients

100% Organic Raspberry Leaf (Rubus ideaus)

Tea Features

Red Seal Raspberry Tea:

  • Caffeine free
  • Gluten free
  • GM free
  • Naturally high in minerals, vitamin C and iron.

Tea Benefits

Red Seal Raspberry Leaf Tea helps ease the discomfort of menstruation, and is useful to women during the middle to latter stages of pregnancy as it helps tone the uterus in readiness for labour.

Not recommended during the first three months of pregnancy for those with a history of early miscarriage or spotting. Recommended to use from 34 weeks on wards in pregnancy.

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