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The journey of tea as we know it begins in the palaces and temples of ancient China, where it was served to the Emperors for its natural healing, calming and balancing abilities. Since then, it has been enjoyed in every part of the world, ranked among the world’s most traded goods and even becoming the symbol of a revolution.

Fast forward to the present time and travel to Australia to the bustling tea bars of Sydney and Melbourne, to the tea connoisseurs of Brisbane; it seems Australians have rediscovered tea and are meeting up with their friends to enjoy the goodness of this delicious and healthy drink. Australia’s novel tea culture presented the groundwork for us to found Tea Online in 2016 and with a selective tea range we strive to become Australia’s premier online tea merchant, an equivalent to the traditional ‘Tea Houses’ where tea lovers find aromatic teas and discover flavourful new tea blends.





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In our opinion the abundance of so many flavours, blends, colour tones and health benefits nominates tea for the 'perfect beverage' award. In the morning nothing beats an invigorating black tea for vitality and clarity. Midday is perfect for a bright flavoured green tea; you get a boost of energy and receive the health benefits that green tea has to offer. Later, when the day slows down and evening has arrived you can relax and enjoy with a cup of a delicious and calming tea blend. So, indulge in our online tea store, where we stock & sell only the best teas from around the world, deliver straight to your door and always strive to provide friendly and efficient customer service.

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