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Green Tea

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About Green Tea

Green tea is the least oxidized or processed of teas. It is made from young tea leaves collected near the end of the harvest season or after harvesting white tea, oolong, and black teas.

Green tea, oolong and black tea are made from the leaves of the same exact plant, Camellia Sinensis. The difference between those types of teas lies in the method used to process the tea leaves and the extent to which they are processed.

While this tea originated in China, it is now widely produced in almost all tea regions of the world. Fresh and organic green teas have the greatest benefits.


Origin of Green Tea

It is well known that Green tea has its origins in China, but do you know how green tea began to be used?

One popular legend suggests that green tea was discovered by the Emperor Shannong. The legend goes that during one of Shannong's walks, some fresh tea leaves from a nearby tea tree fell into his cup of hot water accidentally. Curious about the color and aroma of his water, he tasted it and found it extremely refreshing. And thus, this amazingly healthy drink was born.

Since then, tea has been grown and enjoyed throughout the world.


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Green Tea Processing

To produce organic green tea, tea leaves are first harvested and then quickly heated. There are two ways of tea leaves heating. They can be steamed or pan-fired. Then the tea leaves are dried immediately to prevent too much oxidation and to keep the bright green colour. This quick processing also preserves that fresh-picked aroma that you can enjoy with good quality green tea bags from some of the best brands on the market.

The taste of green tea depends on the heating method used. It tastes more like grass when it is pan-fired. However, when it is steamed, it tastes sweeter and has a seaweed-type of flavor. Correctly brewed Green tea has a light golden brown color. With the best green tea brands, the astringent flavor is very mild, making the tea even more pleasant and refreshing.

Since green tea is less oxidized than black tea it is technically fresher and more delicate, so it should be consumed more quickly for maximum flavor.


What are the Health Benefits of Green Tea?

Fresh loose leaf green teas are the favorites among fitness enthusiasts. Along with white tea, it is one of the least oxidized teas. Thus, the best green teas are high in antioxidants and low in caffeine, unlike black caffeinated tea. Catechins and antioxidants in green tea leaves improve metabolism and act as anti-aging agents to help you keep fit. Many studies have shown that the aqueous extract of green tea polyphenols has antimutagenic, antidiabetic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and hypocholesterolemic properties.

Today, you have many variations of green tea that you can choose as per your preference and taste.

It has been known for centuries and has been well-researched in modern times that green tea is one of the most healthy beverages in the world. It improves your health with every sip you take.

The various green tea benefits are: 

  • It improves brain function: Green tea contains caffeine in moderate quantities which makes it more beneficial than other beverages like coffee. The caffeine content in green tea is perfect to keep your neurons fired up and to improve the production of some important neurotransmitters
  • It speeds up fat metabolism: Green tea is commonly used in weight loss supplements because it helps the body burn fat faster. This is because green tea is responsible for boosting your metabolism.
  • It prevents degenerative diseases: Since green tea is rich in antioxidants, it prevents any free radical damage to the cells and tissues in your body.
  • It prevents bacterial infections:
  • Lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes:
  • It reduces the risk of cancer
  • It keeps your heart healthy: The green tea increases the antioxidant content of the blood significantly. As a result, the oxidation of bad cholesterol is prevented. It reduces the overall cholesterol levels in the bloodstream thus reducing the risk of Cardiovascular disease.

Ranging from its high antioxidants levels, its ability to support improved brain function,its ability to lower the risk of cancer and it even promotes your body to naturally burn fat storages. Definitely a winner!

The green tea’s health benefits, specific scent and grass-like flavor made it popular all over the world.

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