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Clipper Organic Decaf Tea Is Back! - Order Now While Stocks Last >>
Clipper Organic Decaf Tea Is Back! - Order Now While Stocks Last >>

Fruity Tea

Whether you're cozying up by the fire or heading to the tropics, our fruit teas can take teatime to just about anywhere.

About Fruity Tea

Fruit tea is slightly different from other types of tea cause - well, it is not tea. Fruit teas are black teas flavored with natural fruit essence. We call it "Tea" just for convenience, but many fruit teas are prepared from combinations of dried fruits, and sometimes they also include herbs and spices.

It's certainly good for you in many ways, if lots of sugar is not added.

If a fruit tea is prepared right, it should be naturally sweet and fruity, full of flavour. Dried fruits stewed in water have been consumed for centuries, it can be very refreshing and energy-boosting.

Fruit tea is full of vitamins and antioxidants and is great for cleansing the body from toxins and strengthen the immune system. In this aspect, it is very similar to tea leaves in terms of high health benefits.

Fruit tea provides a fresh and revitalizing cocktail and can be served both hot and cold.

They can be used not only for drinking, but also can be added to cooking for things such as desserts, smoothies and ice cream.


Range of Fruit Teas

We keep it all natural, just to prove how easy it is to get great fruit tea. At our tea online store, we have a great selection of aromatic fruit teas enhanced with the delicious flavours and inviting colours of fruit.

The variety of flavours you can enjoy are endless, one of our personal favourite is Clipper's Green Tea infused with Strawberries. Love, love, love...