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Top 8 Hilde Hemmes Herbals

Top 8 Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals

Interest in herbal remedies has sky-rocketed in recent years with the industry becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in complementary medicine over the past decade. Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals, as a pioneer of herbal therapies in Australia, is one of the companies at the forefront of the sector. We’ve rounded up a few of our top picks from the Hilde Hemmes’ ranges, take a look below to see what we love.


What Are Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals?

Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals is a family run business, founded in 1985 by Hilde. As a pioneer in the world of herbalism, Hilde Hemmes’ is a well-known and trusted supplier of all things herbal for many across Australia. From herbal teas and supplements to herbal wines and topical remedies, Hilde Hemmes’ has an impressive range of herbal therapies for you to stock up on. Whether it’s a specific ailment or overall health you’re looking to cater to, Hilde Hemmes’ is likely to have something for you.


Our Top 8 Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals

As proponents of herbal remedies, we found it quite difficult to choose our favourite Hilde Hemmes products, and though it took us quite a while, we’ve managed to make a list of our top products from the Hilde Hemmes’ range. Below you’ll find our top picks for Hilde Hemmes’ herbal teas, supplements and tinctures, and a few others we just love.


Hilde Hemmes Herbal Tea

Our Top 3 Hilde Hemmes’ Herbal Teas

Tea is a powerful addition to any lifestyle. Full of natural and healthy ingredients, tea adds nutrients, minerals, and vitamins into your diet with each cup. Below we’ve gathered our favourite Hilde Hemmes’ herbal teas. Take a look and see if you can find a new favourite too.


  • Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals Kidney Bladder Mix Teabags. A firm favourite and best selling product, these tea bags contain Golden Rod and Spiny Restharrow, both of which have been used for centuries to support liver function. This tea will aid the kidney’s daily work and promote a healthy bladder and urinary tract function.
  • Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals Stinging Nettle Root Herbal Tea. Stinging nettle has traditionally been used to promote overall wellness and is known to reduce blood sugar levels. The herb is also full of antioxidants which fight cell damage. This tea is packed full of goodness which is why it made it onto our top 3.
  • Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals Camomile Tea. As an aid to symptoms of indigestion, abdominal bloating and spasms, and a remedy for sleeplessness and restlessness, this tea is an all-rounder. We love how many benefits this tea has, as well as being a pleasant tasting beverage.



Our Favourite Hilde Hemmes’ Supplements And Tinctures

Adding supplements to your diet can improve overall health and wellbeing. With a talented and renowned herbalist at the top of the Hilde Hemmes brand, you can trust that their supplements come with a heap of benefits to help you live a healthier life. We’ve picked two of our favourite supplements and tinctures from Hilde Hemmes below.


Hilde Hemmes Tinctures


  • Hilde Hemmes’ ProstaLobium. Epilobium, revered in European folklore and one of Hilde Hemmes’ pioneering herbal products, this tincture maintains prostate health in men aged 45+. Combined with Saw Palmetto, Epilobium works to support normal prostate and urinary tract function and is one of Hilde Hemmes’ best-selling products. With testimonials from across the world, Hilde Hemmes’ created a gem in this product.
  • Hilde Hemmes’ Swedish Bitters Tincture. Though this tincture can be used as a supplement, it can be used externally too. Taken internally, it can relieve digestive discomfort, constipation, and menstrual pain. Externally, Swedish Bitters can be used to aid wound healing and to cleanse minor abrasions. You can also gargle Swedish Bitters to relieve symptoms of a sore throat and toothache. This tincture is another all-rounder and is a bathroom cupboard staple.


Other Hilde Hemmes’ Products We Love

Though a brand associated with herbal remedies, Hilde Hemmes also offers a range of other products, including books packed with information about herbs, topical remedies and food products. Our favourites are listed below.


  • Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals Comfrey Cream. Comfrey is an herb that is traditionally used to treat bruises and sprains, and when applied topically can promote wound healing. The herb has incredible anti-inflammatory properties and works to relieve mild pain, swelling, muscle pain and joint pain. This cream is a good remedy to have to hand, just in case.
  • Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals Organic Vegetable Broth. We love this vegetable broth because it is organic and made with natural ingredients. It is free from toxins and preservatives, so you know exactly what you’re adding to your family meals.
  • Herbs & Health With Hilde Hemmes. And finally, a book of knowledge. Full of information on the herbs you can use to relieve pain and illness, recipes for herbal combinations and much more. Learn from the legend herself with Hilde Hemmes bestselling book. 


Hilde Hemmes Herbals



Hilde Hemmes’ is a renowned and well trusted brand across Australia and so you can always be certain of the quality of their products. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites here but there are plenty more stocked on our site for you to browse. Take a look and find some top quality herbal teas to add into your life.

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