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Top 7 Clipper Organic Teas

Top 7 Clipper Organic Teas

Clipper Organic Tea was founded by a husband-and-wife team back in 1984 out of their kitchen in Dorset, England. Clipper Organic Tea is now sold in more than 50 countries, but it is still blended back in Dorset.

The brand has strict guidelines on what goes into their tea, their strapline says it all, ‘natural, fair and delicious.’ They make a promise that nothing artificial goes into any of their teas, and their tea bags are biodegradable, plastic-free and unbleached. The brand was the first UK-based tea company to become Fairtrade, and they even helped to write the Fairtrade Standards.

If you’re looking for a sustainable, organic, and ethical tea brand, then look no further than Clipper Organic Tea. With over 150 Clipper tea products sold around the world, there is something for everyone in their range.

Clipper Organic Tea


Why Is Organic Tea Better?

Organic tea has a number of benefits, from being free from preservatives and toxins, to contributing to the fight against global warming and helping positive farming movements around the world.

Choosing organic tea can help wildlife diversity as organic farms are free from artificial pesticides and support wildlife growth. Using only natural pesticides means less harmful pollutants are washed into waterways, protecting marine life.  Organic farming can also help us in the fight against global warming as the healthier the soil, the more carbon it can store and organic farming promotes healthy soil.

Clipper Organic Tea has pledged to make sure all new products are certified organic, making them the tea brand of choice for the conscious consumer.

Why Is Organic Tea Better

Our Top 7 Clipper Organic Teas

Clipper Tea is pretty incredible, and we haven’t even gotten to the teabags. With strong ethical values and a commitment to Fairtrade and organic farming practices, you may already be sold on Clipper Organic Tea… if not, we’ve list a few of our favourites below so you can try out the best their product range has to offer.


  • Clipper Organic Earl Grey Tea. A tea classic and a favourite among tea drinkers. With its black tea base and citrusy overtones, this is a refreshing and tasty beverage that can perk up any morning, afternoon and all the time in between.
  • Clipper Organic Decaf Tea. Our favourite for a cosy evening beverage. This Assam tea is well-rounded and robust, and chosen specifically to retain flavour through the decaffeination process. This flavourful tea gives those who are averse to caffeine a strong, delicious drink to enjoy, without the side-effects of caffeine. This tea even comes in bumper pack size with the Clipper Organic Decaf Tea 80 Bags option.
  • Clipper Organic Detox Tea. Packed full of delicious herbal infusions, this tea supports the body’s natural detoxification processes. Each tea bag contains a combination of hibiscus, liquorice root, nettle, and aloe vera, which packs a flavourful punch and adds a tonne of nutrients to your afternoon tea.
  • Clipper Organic Nighty Night Infusion Tea. Formerly known as Sleep Easy, this herbal infusion promotes a good night’s sleep, helping you feel rested and replenished. Chamomile and cinnamon work together with other natural flavourings to create this calming tea.
  • Clipper Organic Green Tea. Green tea has so many health benefits it would take us far too long to list them all. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, being packed full of vitamins and improving brain function and heart health, we don’t know why more people aren’t drinking green tea. The Clipper green tea option is a superb, refreshing flavour, and it’s organic!
  • Clipper Organic Indian Chai Tea. This delicious tea, with a black tea base, is infused with traditional chai spices including cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel and fennel seed. It’s a warming and familiar blend that you can sip as an afternoon pick-me-up or a cosy treat on an evening.
  • Clipper Organic Love Me Truly, Chai Infusions Tea. And as a caffeine-free option for chai-lovers, this blend contains similar traditional spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, liquorice root, fennel seed, cardamom and cloves. A warming and flavourful tea, this is the perfect bedtime beverage 


Clipper Organic Tea has a massive range of teas for you to enjoy, so if you haven’t spotted something that intrigues you in our favourites, then keep looking! We know the perfect Clipper Organic Tea is out there for you.

With an impressive collection of flavours, it’s easy to forget all of the other amazing parts of this brand. As you sip your flavourful tea, remember that Clipper Organic Tea supports organic and ethical farming, uses only natural ingredients, and values sustainability at all levels of their brand. We think that that makes Clipper Organic Tea pretty amazing, and well-worth your attention.

Check out their range on our website > Clipper Tea < and see if you can find an intriguing new tea to try.

Clipper Organic Fairtrade Tea 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are all Clipper Teas Organic?

Clipper Organic Tea has pledged that all new products made will be certified organic. Clipper Organic Tea only uses organic suppliers of tea and supports organic farming practices.


Is Clipper Green tea good quality?

Clipper Organic Green Tea comes from high quality, organic suppliers. Organic farming uses fewer, and only natural pesticides meaning the tea grown isn’t contaminated with toxins and chemicals. Using only natural and organic ingredients makes Clipper Green Tea a good quality tea.


Is Clipper Organic Tea Fair Trade?

Clipper Organic Tea was the first UK based tea company to become Fairtrade. They instil Fair Trade practices at all levels of their business and are committed to supporting their tea farmers.


How is Clipper organic tea decaffeinated?

Clipper Organic Tea uses a natural method of decaffeination, avoiding the use of chemicals that other processes require. Clipper use CO2 to decaffeinate their tea. The process involves moistening the tea leaves then placing them under high pressure where CO2 is streamed through. Caffeine joins with the CO2 molecules and is filtered away. This CO2 is processed and then used again to decaffeinate more tea.


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